Party City Wedding Cake Toppers

Party City Wedding Cake Toppers

Each wedding cake needs something good to top it off. A lot of people just use flowers nowadays, but there are lots of wonderful possibilities for small figurines (people, animals, and thematic) to perch atop the top tier of your cake. Check out these cute ideas for wedding cake toppers.

The bride and groom figurines are the most traditional kind of cake topper. There are so many variations available that almost anyone can find a style which appeals to them. Vintage figurines in the 1920s-1950s are especially popular. They're made from great materials like porcelain, Bakelite, or occasionally timber, and can be seen in vintage shops, online, and occasionally at bridal salons. Each age has its own distinctive style. The '50s toppers feature brides in pearl bridal jewelry and grooms in shawl collar tuxedos, those from the '40s sometimes have the groom in army attire, and sooner toppers often featured cutesy little Kewpie doll couples.

For contemporary bride and groom toppers, many couples like the offbeat ones. They can be found to suit almost any interest (for instance, a bride and groom riding a bike or holding fishing rods) and if you can not find what you want, you can purchase it on etsy. Caricature toppers made to resemble the newlyweds are also available to special order. You will find bobble heads, Nightmare Before Christmas couples, and even classic porcelain figures for the traditionalists.

Wedding theme toppers are a great idea for a cake decoration. They could tie in with both the design of the cake and the general wedding motif. To get a nautical wedding, perch a little lighthouse on the top tier. If the wedding theme is Winter Wonderland, then choose a three-dimensional snowflake ornament. As soon as you get thinking about it, there are so many fun toppers you can decide to tie in with a theme. A pair of squirrels for a woodsy wedding could be darling. Be sure to store your topper as a memento of your wedding.

Your cultural heritage can also serve as inspiration for your cake decorations. The couple who is having an East-meets-West party can pick a pair of origami cranes for their own cake. A mini Eiffel tower would be great for the bride with a French background. If the classic bride and groom are more your style, be sure to select figurines with the same ethnicity as the actual couple. Nowadays, they may be ordered online or have your set custom made.